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Legend is a fully Tig Welded 4 rod safe hand crafted from high quality aircraft aluminum. Safes hold up to 10 ft. Fly rods and can handle large arbor reels. Boxes are bent with cnc 5 axis press brake for accuracy and quality. Safes are offered in over 60 different powder coat colors. Logos are offered in powder coated colors or anodized. See our color chart here. Interiors are finished in tweed and African mahogany. Tubes are lined and fly rod socks come with your safe for full protection of your rods. Latches are a high end compression latch making the safe waterproof and dust free. The Legend in 2018 comes with a new bulb seal and engineered venting for control of moisture and barometric pressure. Our mounting system is second to none, waterjeted from 3/4" 6061 aluminum. Your only worry will be how long you get to fish for not if your gear makes it there safely. Security stainless bolts fasten mounts to vehicle and safe for a worry free storage of your gear and Fly Rod Safe. These Legend Fly Rod Safes are handed crafted in our local shop here in Colorado. We take pride in (Made in USA). Not only are they manufactured in Colorado but all materials and components are made in U.S.A. Lifetime Warranty. Buy something worth something! Pricing: $1495.00.
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Twin Legends in gloss black with fire engine red logos

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