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Dog Boxes

Our dog boxes are custom manufactured to meet your specific hunting dog needs. Standard boxes are available as well, made with or without storage. Storage compartment also available with carpet and dividers and insulated, sheeted and sealed dog compartments. We use thicker material than other manufacturers to ensure your box will hold up for a lifetime. Call for pricing and availability.
  • Fully Tig Welded 1/8" Material (Thicker Material Than Industry Standard)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Wrapped Corners for Durability
  • Boxes Can Be Fit with Storage
  • Stainless or Nickel Hardware
  • Constructed of High Quality Aluminum Available in Diamond Plate, Polished or Custom Painted
  • Dog Compartment Have Clean Outs for Washing
  • Insulated (Dog Chew Proof)
  • Made in 4 Season or 2 Season
  • Rubber-Lined Floors
  • Optional Heated Water Tanks
  • Totally Customizable--You Think It, and We Build It!
CAA DOG BOX 002 CAA DOG BOX 005 CAA DOG BOX 001CAA DOG BOX 007 CAA DOG BOX 008  CAA DOG BOX 004 CAA DOG BOX 006CAA DOG BOX 002 CAA DOG BOX 005CAA DOG BOX 001 CAA DOG BOX 001 CAA DOG BOX 001 CAA DOG BOX 001 CAA DOG BOX 001 2012015 Insulated box with carpeted storage CAA DOG BOX 001CAA DOG BOX 001CAA DOG BOX 001 CAA DOG BOX 001CAA DOG BOX 001CAA DOG BOX 001 4 Dog Truck Topper Our toppers are made to hold 2-6 dogs in various configurations. Dog compartments are insulated and finished. Storage compartments have hooks for dog collars and lanyards, flocked shelves for gear and storage. Optional inverted power for charging e-collars and equipment. Optional exterior lighting available. Truck topper comes with carpeted ramp for loading and unloading of dogs. Roof rack for additional storage or mounting of extra gear. Call for pricing or questions.

Custom dogbox for 2012 ford expedition with Truck Vault. Dog box separates into singles, fully insulated and vented.

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Polaris Razor Custom Dogbox With Storage

DSCF0459 DSCF0460

2 bank insulated, custom paint, custom fit for 2016 Chevy Colorado, solar fans, tig welded aluminum

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